If your baby has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), you may have been told that you need to decide about treatment immediately. Treating early is important. We now know that early treatment can save motor neurons and improve your child's future.1

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Today, thanks to newborn screening, SMA can be detected and treated early enough to change the natural course of the disease. Read more about the importance of newborn screening and early treatment.1,2

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All types of SMA can be treated. Read more about the disease-modifying treatments and supportive care available for your child.3,4

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Early diagnosis of SMA enables early therapeutic treatments and gives families the confidence that their baby will be taken care of, treated, and they will never be left alone in managing their disease.5

About Together in SMA

At Biogen, we are committed to supporting those with spinal muscular atrophy and their care team. Our hope for Together in SMA is that, by providing information, we can help you to get the most up-to-date care, and to help guide conversations with your doctors.

Here you'll find information about spinal muscular atrophy and its symptoms, insights into care options, and perspectives from people living with SMA, experienced caregivers and healthcare professionals on topics ranging from nutrition to adaptive equipment.


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